Beignets the Easy Way

Who doesn’t love fried dough slathered in powdered sugar? If it’s bad for you, then it certainly must taste good!

One of the staples of Louisiana cuisine is beignets. Pronounced been yays. They are served in many coffee houses and one of the things that tourists flock for in New Orleans.

Since we are still at the beginner level in your cooking education, we will explore how to make this delightful treat – the easy way.

Purchase a can of plain ready to bake biscuits. Don’t go for the sweet version and definitely don’t go for the flaky layered kind. Plain old biscuits. Grab a bag of confectioners sugar and cooking oil. As I’ve said before, I prefer Canola.

Cut the biscuits into quarters. The easy way is to stack them all into one mini-tower and cut from top to bottom in halves and then the other way in halves.

Heat your oil to hot and drop the quartered biscuits in – a handful at a time. Don’t over crowd! Let fry for a minute or two and flip. Fry for another minute or two. You want them golden brown, but not burned. They will puff up while they fry. This is normal.

Remove them to a paper towel lined plate to drain and sprinkle generously with powdered sugar.

When you are a little more comfortable with your cooking skills, we’ll explore making them from scratch.


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