Beef Gravy

To quote my Maw Maw, “I was never a great cook, but I make good gravy.” That she did. I still can’t duplicate it, but I do try.

Remember those succulent drippings you saved from your beef roast you made? Well, you need to warm them if they aren’t already warm.

Now take equal parts of oil (canola for me) and all purpose flour. Usually I do 1/4 a cup of each.

Heat your oil until hot on medium-high heat. Dump in your flour and start to whisk. Keep whisking and whisking until your arm falls off. Don’t worry, duct tape fixes everything! Keep whisking. When your roux turns the color of peanut butter, you are golden.

Start adding a ladle of drippings at a time to the roux and whisk. If you don’t have enough drippings, that’s all right. You can add hot water.

You will want your end result before simmer to look like a thinner gravy, because you are going to let it go to reduce.

Leave your gravy on a simmer (low heat) for at least 15 minutes. When it has reduced and is a nice, thick, rich gravy – it’s ready.

Serve over any and everything. But be sure to taste it. You may need to add salt and pepper.

From my table to yours,


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