Homemade French Fries

I really don’t understand the appeal of frozen fries. Sure, they are quick and mostly easy. But they aren’t anywhere near as good as the original.

A bag of frozen store brand fries – 12 ounces will cost you $2 to $4, depending on location.

A five pound bag of fresh potatoes will cost you $2-$4, depending on location.

All you need to do is cut ’em up. Why keep buying expensive frozen when you can produce twice as much for the same price? Not to mention, the fresh potatoes taste immensely better.

Buy a #5 or #10 bag of potatoes and store in a low light or no light location. Don’t refrigerate!

If you have a five pound bag, remove half of the potatoes or so and rinse thoroughly in your sink. There shouldn’t be any sprouts or “eyes”, but if there are, remove them.

Cut the potato in half length wise. Cut each of the halves into another piece lengthwise.

Stack them up in a pseudo potato form and cut at least 4 logs all the way through. You should have 12 fries. 2-4 potatoes should be enough for two people for a side.

Drop the cut potato pieces in cold water until you are ready to fry. Restaurants blanch potato fries by dropping the fries in boiling water for one minute. I never bother.

Heat oil in an appropriate pot (high sides) until hot. Add potatoes – about half.

Fry until golden brown and floating, flip accordingly. Remove to paper towel lined plate and salt to taste. Cook the remainder. Repeat.

Before you ask, yes the skin on is important. It gives a flavor that skinless potatoes don’t have. It also contains nutrients. And hey, I’m Southern. This is how we do things.

Either serve your fries as they are or slather them with cheese, chili and all other manner of ungodly condiments.


From my table to yours,


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